Orion Food Systems

Quality Products Through Quality People™.

When Orion Food Systems was formed in 1983, we were determined to provide restaurant-quality delivery pizza to consumers on-the-go. Today, this vision remains strong as over 1,000 franchisees and licensees continue to serve up the highest quality food—from pizza to Asian-inspired bowls to hand-crafted flatbreads—to customers around the globe.

Hot Stuff Pizza® is one of our most famous brands, and we’re extremely proud of its legacy. But although our roots are in restaurant-quality pizza, our branches go everywhere.

We have the capability and the expertise to create a completely customized foodservice program based on your unique needs and challenges. From quick serve to fast casual to full service dining, from convenience stores to military bases to colleges and universities and more, we can do it all.

Hot Stuff Pizza®

We’re Still Making Dough!

Developed in 1986, Hot Stuff Pizza has become the flagship brand of Orion Food Systems and the go-to favorite for consumers around the world. With delicious and satisfying options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between, this pizza powerhouse offers extensive and crowd-pleasing menus that are easy-to-prepare and highly customizable.

Hot Stuff Pizza delivered the first convenience store pizza 30 years ago, and today we’re still offering our customers turnkey solutions that can help maximize profitability. It’s easy to see why. Hot Stuff Pizza simply offers more.

Tom Kaspar