Multipoint offers two revenue verticals: ATM processing as well as Air/Vac services. Seventeen years combined experience and dedication to the industry’s innovations allowed Multipoint to extend offices throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Partnered with over 20+ sub-ISO’s across the nation, Multipoint can provided certified service nationwide.

In our continued efforts to “make merchants more profitable” Multipoint has strategic partnerships with banks, equipment manufacturers, armored car services, first line maintenance, and wireless connectivity.

Under Multipoint Inc.’s ATM program, we are offering PMAA members and Spirit Petroleum retailers competitive pricing on processing and equipment. We provide ATM management services to optimize revenue emanated by 24/7 monitoring and experienced service technicians with an average experience of eight years. Dedicated account managers provide strategic marketing and industry knowledge to help drive foot traffic.

Multipoint’s Air/Vac services offer convenience to customers and generates revenue to retail businesses with coinless 24/7 monitoring. Our quality equipment attracts customers with built-in LED lighting and reduces downtime with thermal weather shield hoses.

Ashley Isenberg
President, COO
866-411-4286 *205