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AmerAssist A/R Solutions, Inc. offers cash flow management and collection services to PMAA members at special members-only discounted prices.  Our programs collect delinquent accounts and improve cash flow without alienating your customers with features that include:

  • Full-service collections featuring calls by professional collectors during the daytime, evenings, and weekends as necessary to collect your money
  • Fees of 10 percent or less per account regardless of account age or location
  • Exclusive PMAA member only discounts on all services
  • Includes a final demand from a collection attorney on non-responsive debtors
  • Guaranteed performance results
  • Every available remedy, including filing non-responsive debtors with credit bureaus nationally, and litigation, when warranted, at AmerAssists expense.

For more information, please visit or call 877.900.5300 and speak with  Rayman Belkofer at ext. 7209 or Brad Shepherd at ext. 4020.

National Headquarters:
445 Hutchinson Avenue, Suite 500
Columbus, OH  45235