PMAA Marketers Defense Fund

PMAA’s Marketer Defense Fund wants to thank the following individual for his contribution during the January 1- 31 timeframe:

Arizona: Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association
Arkansas: Aaron Littlefield
California: Nathan Crum
Colorado: Colorado Petroleum Marketers Association, Greg Parish
Michigan: Jackie Chatman, Dennis McCarthy
Missouri: Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
Nebraska: Tim Keigher
New Mexico: New Mexico Petroleum Marketers Association
North Dakota: North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association
Oklahoma: Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association
Oregon: Oregon Fuels Association
Pennsylvania: Samantha Lantz, Tom Stoudnour
Tennessee: Tennessee Fuel & Convenience Store Association
Virginia: Jim Emmart
Washington: Gerry Ramm, Washington Oil Marketers Association

Corporate donations are acceptable.Part of the monies raised for MDF are used for various studies, litigation and disaster relief dedicated to strengthening our lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. Click here to donate to the PMAA MDF.