PMAA Marketers Defense Fund

PMAA’s Marketer Defense Fund wants to thank the following individual for his contribution during the May 1- 31, 2019 timeframe:

California: Vince Reiser
Florida: Don Everett, Jr.
Kansas: Butch Stucky
Louisiana: Grady Gaubert, Anne Gauthier, Darrel McCartney
Minnesota: Dave Szymanski
Mississippi: Mississippi Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Stores Association
Missouri: James Maurer
Nebraska: Mark Whitehead
NEFI: Roberta Fagan
New Jersey: James W. Pierson
North Dakota: Mike Rud
Oregon: Oregon Fuels Association
South Carolina: Richard Clark, Dennis Curtis
Tennessee: Tommy Hunt, Emily LeRoy, Mark McBride, Tennessee Fuel & Convenience Store Association
Virginia: Bob Bassman, Mike O’Connor, Lewis Wall Jr.
Wisconsin: Matt Hauser

Corporate donations are acceptable.Part of the monies raised for MDF are used for various studies, litigation and disaster relief dedicated to strengthening our lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. Click here to donate to the PMAA MDF.