PAC Co-Chairs Brad Bell and Tim Keigher are grateful for the PMAA Small Business Committee (SBC) PAC contributions from the following individuals during the March 1-31, 2018 time frame:

Arizona: Alan Calvert
Kentucky: Gary Emmick, Alexander Fassas, Jeff Lykins
Maryland: Ellen Benitez, Hossein Ejtemai
Michigan: Bob Cleary, Jeff Naser
Mississippi: Jim Lipscomb
New York: James Buhrmaster
Ohio: Jeff Lykins
South Carolina: Ronnie Colson, Dennis Curtis Sr., Kirk Darby, Walter Frick, Bill Hemingway, John Horner, Andrew Kasa, Stuart Marcus, Harper Shull, A. Pierce Stockman III, Jason Terry, David Tucker
Utah: David Bell, Jim Westring